What is a substitute for softened butter?

Question by Torey: What is a substitute for softened butter?
I’m making a batch of cookies for something and I need to be there early. I don’t have enough time to wait for my butter to soften, so I need a replacement. Does anyone know of any?

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Answer by Andy
their is no substitute leave it out the fridge for a bit or heat in a microwave for a bit

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  1. Fsfs says:

    You can substitute melted butter for the oil.

    Here is the rule for substituting fats in baking:

    If a recipe calls for a solid fat, you can use butter, margarine, lard or vegetable shortening. You cannot substitute with oil in a recipe that calls for softened butter, margarine, lard or Crisco (in most recipes).

    If a recipe calls for a liquid fat, you can use ANY liquid fat (except for maybe bacon fat or other strongly, flavored oils).

    The ratio is always 1 to 1. This is because most fats are close to the same density.

  2. Marianne, UDX,OTCH Shelties says:

    There is no good substitute for butter in a recipe, especially when baking. Melt it in the microwave, or soften the butter in the oven. You can even put it in a plastic bag and beat it with a rolling pin, or leave it out overnight.

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