What interesting subject should I write about for my German Class?

Question by Mrs. Utley: What interesting subject should I write about for my German Class?
It Can be anything as long as its about the German cultural. I Just really want to find something that’s very interesting that the class might love to hear. If anyone knows anything interesting let me know

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Answer by Des Irae
I think you should write about how the German equestrian team has dominated (won gold in all 3 divisions: dressage, show jumping and eventing) the Olympics for at least the past 10 (if not more) Olympic trials and how they train their athletes and selectively breed their horses. Germany has been highly respected for their (German)European Warmbloods. I own one: An Oldenburg who is a son of Bon Jour. Bon Jour is a double registered Selle Francais/ Hanoverian whose German owner was almost kicked out of the country for selling the stallion to a US breeding farm since Bon Jour is believed to be THE GREATEST DRESSAGE HORSE TO EVER LIVE!!!!!
Good luck with whatever you choose for your essay!

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  1. mathilde says:

    maybe about the Rote Armee Fraktion/Baader-Meinhof grup or about the oktoberfest in münchen?

  2. frackledJJ says:

    This really is a random thought of mine, so… if it doesn’t interest you or is too difficult to find information on, than…

    There is this very very popular fast food in Germany, called a “Döner”, or “Döner Kebab”. It is the most common fast food, loved much much more than burgers or stuff, and there are numerous places to get them even in small towns.
    The thing is, a “Döner” is originally a Turkish food, and it is traditionally a dish served on a plate in a restaurant. A Turkish guy, who had opened up a small Döner shop in a very busy street in Hamburg invented the now so so so popular version of it.
    The dish consists of mixed vegetable salads, Mediterranean pickles (peppers or olives or none of them, depending on the owner of the shop or your personal taste), crispy flakes of meat (originally beef or veal or lamb), bread and a creamy yogurt sauce.
    The guy had little luck with his shop/restaurant, even though he was in a very busy part of town, and there were numerous people working around his shop needing something for their lunch break. So as he stood in the door of his shop, he realized Germans at their lunch walking. So he sliced the bread halfway open, stuffed all the rest of the dish in, and sold it as a snack to go. Biggest success story in German fast food developments.
    It’s kind of funny to talk about this to US Americans. The people I talked to fully expected there to be all the fast food places they were used to to be equally popular in Germany, and asked me what the heck we ate, when I told them we got by with Burger King, McDonalds, Subways and our own stuff, and the most popular fast food was not the German “Bratwurst”, but the “Döner”, which is Turkish – somewhat. But the Döner, meanwhile, is a big part of German culture. And more! It is “Kult”!*

    *”Kult” is a bit of German slang, meaning that something is very cool and can not be avoided. Like watching “Dinner for one” over and over and over on New Years eve. Or like the former East German symbols on the street lights, which are way cooler than the West German ones. Or the East German “Sandman” show that was much better than the West German one. They both survived reunification because all-German fan clubs formed and protested against their fall… Both might also be something to talk/write about. The street-light figures maybe even more. There is now a shop selling items like cookie cutters, bags, refridgerator magnets, ear bobs,… in their shape.

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