What goodies have you baked with your kids lately?

Question by MonkeyShines: What goodies have you baked with your kids lately?
Last weekend we made Halloween sugar cookies, this weekend more of those plus we are trying to make an eclair cake consisting of a layer of vanilla cake, layer of vanilla pudding, another layer of vanilla cake topped with chocolate icing….mmmmm…..the kids are looking forward to this.

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Answer by Ms T to Thee
A chocolate layer cake, and last week it was chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Alex B says:

    cocolate pudding for me

  2. Aubree's Momma♥ says:

    My LO is only 10 months old but I am planning on baking some Halloween sugar cookies with her this weekend. Of course, she won’t be able to help but she will be able to help gobble some of them down (:

    I think I am gunna do a practice run of the birthday cake I have planned for her. I want to TRY to make it myself (a lady bug cake). We’ll see how it goes. If it does not go as planned, we’ll be either having a friend make it or have a professional (:

  3. luvmy4boyz says:

    Are you going to log out and log back in as Lady Morgaine now and answer your own question and then give yourself best answer like you did on your last question? LOL others might not know what I’m talking about but I know you do. You have to be a little more sneaky, you’re not very good at this troll thing Lady Morgaine.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    My piss.

  5. etcha sketch says:

    I just bought a deep fryer, so we made homemade french frys last weekend, and yesterday, we made homemade donuts with biscuit dough and sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon.

  6. ℓιвву'ѕ мσммα ιѕ єχρє¢тιиg! says:

    My daughter and I made pumpkin cookies with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and dirt cake (chocolate pudding, oreos, gummy worms, in a chocolate pie crust) for our daughter’s halloween party next weekend. Of course, my daughter needed to make them a weekend early and invite friends over to taste them.

    Mommy of a spoiled little girl expecting another spoiled little girl :)

  7. Heart to Heart says:

    Halloween cupcakes!

    We’re gonna bake another batch today. :-)

  8. Twin mummy x2 plus 1. says:

    I made a Carrot Cake, and a Victoria Sponge Cake with my babies a couple of days ago. And if i say so myself it wasn’t a bad effort. Everyone else certainly loved it, as there’s nothing left now. My poor hubby only got a tiny slice of my Victoria Sponge, because by the time the rest of the family got to it, it had all gone, so i’ll make him another one soon. I’m becoming the new queen of cakes.. I’m into baking in a big way now, and i particularly love doing it with the kids. The almost 8 month olds aren’t much help, but they do sit at the table watching us, and trying to help in a messy chaotic kind of way.. It’s my almost 18 month old boys that are my biggest helpers. They love helping me bake or cook, and they get so much enjoyment out if it, I get them to sit down with the cookbooks, and choose which cake we bake next. They’ve chosen a chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing, so we’ll be making that tomorrow. They go by the pictures mainly, but it’s still their choice.. I do draw the line at letting them lick the bowl though.. I’m paranoid about little delicate tummies and raw ingredients..

  9. ma ma of 2! says:

    choclate chip walnut banana bread! even though the kids can’t help much yet.. they like watching plus they each get a few chocolate chips while i work!

  10. Angie and Addie's Mama says:

    We made rice crispy treats about an hour ago. They love making those! And we made fudge last weekend. They love to make goodies with me.

  11. My 4 Boys says:

    Last night we made apple crisp, it was delicious!

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