What food should I bring to this dinner party?

Question by Sparkle: What food should I bring to this dinner party?
One of my friends is having a dinner party soon and has asked me to bring food or drinks. It’s a Latin party and most Mexican and Spanish recipes seem to be things that don’t travel, as I will be catching the train there. I can’t make nachos or taquitos for instance because they won’t taste any good by then and the sweets will go off. Should I bring corn chips with dips or take Mexican sugar almond cookies? Both would travel well and be eaten.

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Answer by Elliot
bring some mosquito eggs.

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  1. pennybarr says:

    I would go with the Mexican sugar almond cookies. Sounds like you have a pretty long train trip. If there is a liquor store near the train stop you get off at, I’d pick up a bottle of wine also.

  2. Robert O says:

    A seven layer dip would travel well. Especially if you bring it in a cooler. Tamales also travel well. They can be made ahead and merely need to be reheated (preferably steamed) and they will be even better tasting the next day or two.

  3. Danny says:

    Chips and salsa or queso….taco ingredients, hot sauce for foods, burritos, quesadillas, rice, yellow rice, white rice, thats all I can think of hope I helped!!

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