What do you think would be a good christmas treat?

Question by Berklee.: What do you think would be a good christmas treat?
There’s a couple people at my new school I have met that have been great friends to me in the short time I have known them. I don’t know them well enough to buy gifts without it seeming awkward, but I was thinking about making or buying them a small treat to give them before christmas. What do you think I should make them?
A plate of assorted Christmas cookies?
Candy canes?
What do you think would be the best idea?

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Answer by Moi Je Joue.♪♫
Make them cupcakes!

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  1. layercakex3 says:

    i used to give out candy canes when i was in hs.
    all my friends loved it.

  2. JustMe Carefree says:

    Sugar cookies with pieces of candy can in them! Yum!

  3. Maze says:

    Maybe sugar cookies with some red and green sprinkles?

    It’s festive and easy to do.

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