What do you put in a Wedding Gift Basket?

cookie basket
by billhd

Question by Dani: What do you put in a Wedding Gift Basket?
I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I am making a basket but i can’t think of anything creative to put in it. I don’t want to put any personal stuff in there. I already have wine, glasses, candles, and picture frames. I want something Different and Unique in it. Any idea’s? I don’t want to spend more then $ 25 more on it. So something simple too!

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Answer by MissSass-n-Class
I think what you have already sounds really nice!….

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  1. planner says:

    some nice cheese and gourmet crackers to go with the wine, a beautiful or unusual cork screw or bottle stopper, a great cheese slicer or cheese board set. you could add in some walker’s scotish shortbread or other gourmet type boxed or packaged cookies too.

    this is a great idea for a take along on the honeymoon type of gift or for the day they move into the new house or apartment and need to take a romantic break for a snack or pick me up.

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