What do I get my boyfriend for Valentines day?

Question by breanna: What do I get my boyfriend for Valentines day?
Our two month anniversary is right before Valentines day so i don’t want to do anything too extreme or anything too lovey. And hes a big hick so anything Rebel or Browning will work. I cant get him a new hat because he will only wear the one he already has… So any ideas??
Nothing sexual, please! We don’t have sex!

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Answer by James Makervich
I think you know (;

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  1. dpx7422 says:

    you could bake him something like cookies or cupcakes

  2. Ted Mosbey says:

    get him an autograph from his favorite actor or musician or athlete. you can get it signed specifically to him with a message and everything. he will really appreciated the lengths you went to get it for him, but its actually really easy and cheap :)


    hope this helps!

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    A CD token with instructions included to choose you two’s favourite album.

  4. Jason says:

    Click on the link below and you’ll go to an eBay store that has a special discount for the valentines week. Also if your Valentines has a pet they sell lots and lots of pet accessories! Like pet nails, pet clothes, pet leashes, pet care, etc! check it out!

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