What culture or religion has a “good luck” cookie?

Question by Jeni: What culture or religion has a “good luck” cookie?
The cookie tradition I am talking about is when a person is given an unbroken cookie then the person breaks the cookie with their knuckles and however many pieces of broken cookie there are tells how many years of good luck the person will have.

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Answer by ҉ Dethamagnificent ҉
chinese fortune cookies, duh!!!

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  1. كـم هـيَ جـمـيـلـةٌ الـحـريـه says:

    The Omikuji inside of Fortune Cookies, however Fortune Cookies have no religious connection (whilst the Omikuji does – they are written fortunes put onto the walls of Buddhist temples in Japan), and although they are often connected with the Chinese, Fortune Cookies are in fact Japanese.

    As to what culture has the “good luck” fortune cookie, that would be American culture, although first produced in Japan, the fortune cookie will only be found in Chinese restaurants in the United States of America, and in Japan. You are not likely to find them in China at all.

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