What could I write in a fortune cookie?

Question by bttrflygirly0119: What could I write in a fortune cookie?
I am meeting someone for the first time. We have been talking awhile and have finally decided to meet. He is going to come here for dinner. I am making Chinese and thought it would be fun to make fortune cookies to go along with dinner. I found a good recipe, I just don’t know what to write in the cookies.
Not really a boyfriend… Just friends… We are both looking for something serious, but wanting to take it slow… Meeting is the next step we are taking. It’s been a few months since we started talking.

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Answer by NK
Look for traditional messages online.

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  1. Grow A Set says:

    “That wasn’t chicken”

    If anything, it would spark a very interesting conversation.

  2. stevenmiller065 says:

    “your future is ahead of you”
    Something obvious like the usual ones. lol

  3. Chris says:

    I got the perfect one

    “You are about to eat a fortune cookie”

  4. WhiteCap says:

    Is he an online boyfriend, friend or what? That will be significant to know….

  5. Lilly says:

    “The light at the end of the tunnel,….may be you”

  6. Calem says:

    Stuff like: you will find happiness with someone new. Or: New people lead to great things

  7. looking over your shoulder! says:

    “eating cookies will cause cavities”!

  8. *Shorty* says:

    Write…”Kiss Me Already Damnit”

  9. giftfromgod says:

    write the truth: you will live until you die.

  10. everythingimnot97 says:

    Maybe something like “Always laugh, it’s cheap medicine” (Lord Byron)
    or maybe “Luck can only get you so far.” (Hermione Granger)
    “Fortis fortuna adiuvat” (Fortune favors the brave)
    “Do or do not there is no try” (Yoda)

    anyway you could also go to http://www.chinese-fortune-cookie.com/fortune-cookie-sayings.html
    or http://www.wikiquote.org (just type in a theme and find something you like)

  11. Hazel H says:

    1. Keep an open mind and you will learn something wonderful.
    2. Keep an open heart and love will find a way in.
    3. Listen and you shall hear music to fill your soul.
    4. See with your heart, not only with your eyes, and you shall see much more.
    5. Smile and the world smiles with you.
    6. Laughter is the best medicine.
    7. Lovers come and go, but a friend is a forever friend.
    8. Eight is the Chinese number for good luck.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Trixie # 2 says:

    How about, “Man who walks into airport door sideways is surely going to Bangkok?”

  13. Nikola N says:

    i like the one that says kiss me goddamn it

  14. Dave says:

    Help. I’m being forced to work in a Chinese cookie factory.
    Or, Your dessert is sitting right next to you!

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