What could I put on the top of an already baked cookie to make or sugar stick?

Question by funnyhaha: What could I put on the top of an already baked cookie to make or sugar stick?
I am using archway cookies with a letter ‘C’ on them for my wedding favors. The cookies are dark so I want to use a stencil to put powered sugar on. What type of stencil should I use? How should I get the sugar to stick? Is there a spray that I can put over it to get it to stay in place after it is on?

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Answer by imaginary_lici
there is a spray icing sort of thing you can buy in the baking aisle in the grocery store or craft store. you can get your stencils at the craft store as well.

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  1. Sara says:

    icing and sprinkles

  2. e_isforerica says:

    Warm the cookies up and then put the sugar on top. The sugar will melt and stick.

    Congratulations in the wedding!

  3. hushnowjustplayit says:

    Maybe try rewarming them a bit and then immediately doing your powdered sugar “C”.

    Unless you are having like 500 guests, I would consider baking some sugar cookies in the shape of a “C”. You can freeze them all frosted or decorated, after the frosting dries, in Tupperware containers.

  4. mil414 says:

    Try this–take a paint brush paint a little water on top of the letter, then dip it into powered sugar.Then you will have a highlighted C or you could buy icing gel(it should be in your local supermarket) in a tube and put that on top of the C be sure and let it dry .

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