What cookies would stay fresh longer, sugar or chocolate chip?

thanksgiving cookies
by tm22

Question by larky2330: What cookies would stay fresh longer, sugar or chocolate chip?
I am going to bake cookies this weekend for an event for next weekend.

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Answer by gump138
I would say chocolate chip.

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  1. BeAuTiFuL says:

    i would say sugar cookies ♥

  2. Cassie says:

    sugar, the chocolate chips taste stale after awhile

  3. Justin says:

    chocolate stay fresher longer

  4. lAxChiiC312 says:

    i think chocolate chip.. but i’m not sure… i’d make them closer to next weekend if i were u.. good luck though

  5. Becky says:

    I would assume sugar. But I will give some advice. If your cookies start to get hard, add a slice of bread and throw them in a zip lock back over night. Somehow they get soft again….

  6. ndtaya says:

    Either one should stay fresh if you keep them in airtight container. Or you could freeze them and take them out the day before your event. Good luck!

  7. babyme23 says:

    suger cookies

  8. J Lo says:

    Sugar…a hint, try placing a piece of bread in with the cookies, off to the side…the bread should absorb the staleness first!

  9. cecil m says:

    chocolate chip

  10. candice p says:

    i dunno i guess neither

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