what can you use to substitute for vegetable shortening?

Question by answers: what can you use to substitute for vegetable shortening?
We are making gluten free cookies and the recipe calls for 3 tbs. vegetable shortening.
the recipe already has a pretty fair amount of butter, so please don’t suggest we add more as a substitute. I’ve heard that you can use olive oil, is that true? If it is, is there a difference in measurements?

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Answer by Chrys
no live oil in cookies…you don’t substitute anything for the shortening, you go buy shortening.

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  1. Mike H says:

    Vegetable shortening….

    wouldn’t that require a knife or some form of cutting tool?

  2. Chetak. says:

    Yes you could use the same quantity of Olive Oil, but it could add a slight olive taste.

  3. lrd00a says:

    vegetable oil
    apple butter

    **Smart Balance makes a trans-fat free shortening

    **Solid fats are better for cookies than oil.

  4. bettyb says:

    Fat is fat when cooking. If it calls for a solid fat you should substitute a solid fat such as butter, margarine or lard. If you use a liquid fat such as olive oil or other oil it could affect the outcome of the finished product, especially in baked goods. It could make it not hold together as well or make it dryer or not as flaky.

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