What can you use instead of foil to bake cookies?

Question by Jess in a dress: What can you use instead of foil to bake cookies?
I’m trying to bake some cookies for my bf’s first day of his internship tomorrow and after I have the cookie dough all ready I find out we have no foil. I have no money to go out and buy foil or cookie sheets…. Also, the cake pans and other baking platforms make my cookies really burnt on the bottom so I don’t use them. Are there any other platforms that I can use? I found a stryofoam box, banana leaves, and ceramic plates…

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Answer by Sugar Pie
parchment paper? I’m guessing if you dont’ have a cookie sheet, you won’t have parchment.

Why not spread the cookies into the cake pans and make bar cookies? Cut them when cool into squares or “pizza” slices.

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  1. Adios says:

    Sugar Pie has the right idea. Also, since stuff is burning on the bottom, have you tried moving your oven racks up a notch or two? Maybe that will help.

  2. NO NAME says:

    try teh plates and the cake pans should work
    i’ve used tehm before adn they turned out fine.

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