What can I use instead of apple juice in cooking?

Question by Slytherin_or_others: What can I use instead of apple juice in cooking?
My step-dad is diabetic and I am in a class in high school called culinary arts. We were making sugar free cookies and I brought them home for his opinion. Sadly the one that he wanted had apple juice in it. He can not have fruit juice. What can I use instead? The best thing I can think of at the moment is sugar free apple cider, which, considering that they are spice cookies, might be the best choice if no one can help me here.

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Answer by ckngbbbls
the sugar in a cookie is only part of the story.As long as there is flour in the cookies there is STILL carbs and plenty of them.
The amount of apple juice in a cookie recipe would be spread out among ALL the cookies in the recipe, not just one cookie so the carb effect would be minimized.
Even sugar free apple cider has sugar in it because ALL apples have natural sugar in them which also effects a diabetic.
He still needs to count his carbs to fit into his daily limit of them, no matter if the cookie is sugar free or not.
You will notice that often a sugar free cookie can have as many or more calories and carbs as a regular cookie has.

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