What can I send in a gift basket for my family?

Question by OreoLovr: What can I send in a gift basket for my family?
I’ve decided to send my family a homemade basket, instead of paying a ridiculous price for premade ones. I’m just not sure what to put in it. I have to send it to them so whatever it is it has to be able to make it through shipping. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can put in it? It’s for my Grandmother, my mother and her boyfriend.

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Answer by beth
I would make it all sweet things plus some gourmet coffees/ teas.

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  1. Lola Rose says:

    make like cupcakes/mini muffins/ cookies/ mini aple pies/biscuits
    maye soe tea bags or some coffee
    some small chocoaltes – you can easily make…. or well you can buy chocolate and melt i and make shapes or add soemthign to the chocoolate.. i dont know.
    or like make your own gel candles(you can buy sets) or paint cups or plates
    wine or beer.
    r make your own jam/marmalade

    you can make like a healthy gift basket – fruit/nuts/banana/flavoured water/tea/home made jam/marmalade maybe some oat cookies

    or like a junk food basket – make your own cookies/muffins/pies/cakes etc etc, cfffe, wine, beeer, crisps, something like that

    or make like a gift basket of home made soaps/candles/body scrubs/oils/perfumes somehtihng like that!

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