What can I make to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner?

thanksgiving cookies
by tm22

Question by Philophobia: What can I make to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner?
My whole family is getting together at my sisters house on Monday and everybody is pretty much contributing. My moms’ making the turkey, my sister is making the potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, they’re making brownies and cookies and stuffing, cranberry stuff, gravy, ham. What could I make to bring along also? I was thinking a dessert. Keep in mind I’m only 13 and the ingredients have to be below 25$ lol
So many good answers! Thanks everyone!

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Answer by Animal Lover
Bake a cake! Cake mix is only a few bucks, and Im sure you already have eggs and oil at your house. Look at the back of the box of cake mix and see what you need. Also don’t forget to pick up some kind of yummy icing!

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  1. Tom ツ says:

    Bring cheese and crackers

  2. Jason A says:

    Bake a pie? Pumpkin or pecan would be fairly easy and traditional.

    You can buy the pie crusts in the frozen aisle and just look on epicurious or another decent recipe site for recipes. The ingredients should be well within budget.

    Good luck!

  3. Bee Joyous says:

    I like Tom’s answer. You might want to add fresh fruits or vegetables with a dip!

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