What better joke is there than Palin headed to the U.N. for more lessons in Foreign Policy 101?

Question by Clueless About Football: What better joke is there than Palin headed to the U.N. for more lessons in Foreign Policy 101?
This untried, untutored minor 20-month governor who only acquired a passport last year, admits she has never (so far) met a foreign leader. Now McCain is trying to cover this incredible gap in her resume with a quickie fix at the U.N. Isn’t that really impressive for foreign policy exposure? What a joke, and what a bad one with all of our lives hanging in the balance if and when she ever takes over as president!

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Answer by Jeff Smoker
I think the bigger joke is the vast amount of support Obama receives with his lack of any decision making experience.

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  1. Xeboprime says:

    “Hi, I’m Sarah. I can see Russia from my house. Would anyone like cookies?”

  2. 32,000 BTU Gas Grill says:

    America is a circus.

  3. Obamunism says:

    Oh I know…I know…How about Obama heading to the U.N. for more lessons in Foreign Policy 101! Now that would be funny! LMFAO

  4. Bill D says:

    BHO is heading back to Chicago to neet with his criminal Friends to discuss economic 191

  5. mybootyisthatbig says:

    I agree…Although I do think Tina Fey is funnier…lol!

  6. audubonnj says:

    And you’re voting for that know nothing, do nothing, anti-American, socialist, racist, lazy Obama? God help us all if he’s elected.

  7. Bandett says:

    obama as “evita” on his world acceptance tour. haha

  8. jwthoughts says:

    Yes, it is true, she has no foreign policy experience. But you should be ashamed that she has as much REAL foreign policy experience as Obama, and much more executive experience than him, and he is running for pres, she is running for VP.

    You really should not use experience as a talking point when Obama is the least experience of the 4.

    mtrinity…Actually we are not even considered by most people one way or the other. I travel 1/3 of my year outside of the US and have for over 20 years. Most people in other countries laugh that liberal Americans think that they spend any or all of their time worrying about Americans. They laugh very hard about that idea. They do not hate us. They do not like us. They do not KNOW us. They DO find liberals arrogant to put these feelings on them, and consider it projecting their own hatred. I literally know about a couple hundred thousand people around the world, and this is the OVERWHELMING consensus.

  9. dead man hand says:


  10. Wktvnjonn d says:

    You can’t blame her for reaching one of the top levels a woman has ever reached and trying out new things to get more experience.. There is a start to everything you know..

    She has been a good govoner for nearly 2 years and a mayor for 2 terms I think. Thats more experience than Obama! Tell me otherwise, make a fool of yourself!

  11. oswalt352 says:

    aren’t you clever ;)

  12. Brian R says:

    Obama going on a whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe, giving an address in Berlin likes he’s the President and playing the race card while doing so, to supposedly make up the gap between he and McCain in foreign policy experience – That’s a much better joke. Palin has just as much foreign policy experience, if not more, than Obama, and she’s only running for VP, she’d have more than enough experience in one year as VP if she needed to step up to the Presidency. However, all signs are that John McCain is in good health, so I wish the media would stop insinuating that he was going to kill over right after taking the oath of office.

  13. Michelle S says:

    Probably Obama, the Democratic nominee having a to take a tour in foriegn countries for photo opportunities to say he has foreign policy experience. He now has 5 days of foreign travel experience?
    A better joke could be be Obama having no expereince running an economy but his followers seem to think he does.
    The best joke of all is Obama’s running mate does not think he has enough experience for the job.

  14. jerome2all says:

    It gives foxnews an excuse to have her picture on the start page… I may make some mad by saying this… but hey for the sake of the joke… Let’s just hope she remembers to wear lipstick….

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