What are ways to make traditional wedding events unique?

Question by Cherry Darling: What are ways to make traditional wedding events unique?
My fiance is really excited about this wedding planning stuff and the one thing he is DEAD set on is making sure it is not a boring…overly predictable wedding reception.

Like the introduction of the wedding party, the first dance, the group dances, the bouquet and garder toss. He wants to do all those things but wants to put a spin on it to reflect our personalities….and make it not so…ORDINARY!

I agree with him. But I really haven’t been to enough weddings to know the difference. Any ideas on how to make it our own? I know you don’t know either one of us…but what would you do?

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Answer by Corvo
Your lack of experience is perfect. Because you are not knowledgeable about the specific traditions, just plan the wedding the way you can imagine it. Don’t worry about how it’s “supposed” to be, just do your thing. It’s your day, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. Soon-to-be Mrs. Blair <3 says:

    For the first dance choose a few songs that are totally out of the ordinary and choreograph a dance to it. Seriously funny and I love them. Check out some of the ones done one youtube!


    that ones my fave but you can search “first dances” on there and find a million cool ones for inspiration.

    Garter toss and stuff like that it can’t get too original because there isn’t much to it. One thing I heard of once (its a tradition somewhere else), is to have all the BM’s write their names on the bottom of your shoes and which ever one is least worn off by the end of the night is the next one to get married :) On the garter too… for me humor is everything so I’m buying two garters and giving one to my fiance’s best friend. Im going to blindfold my fiance with his tie and tell him to take it off with his teeth. Then I’m going to have his best man/best friend roll up his pant leg and wear the garter and get tons of pics. Its more a prank on my fiance then anything but I honestly think that pic is going to be loved by him more than any others.

    Um… instead of a cake you could do cupcakes, I’ve even seen ppl do mini pints of ben and jerrys on cake tiers for ppl. Cookies have been done too. You could do crystal sprays instead of bouquets. CD’s with a “soundtrack” of your wedding as favors. For the entrance into the rehearsal you could have your DJ’s announce you and do a totally unexpected party song like “lets get it started in here” or something more your taste. If you’re having an outdoor wedding and your venue will permit it have some sparklers instead of confetti or bird seed. They make for awesome pics. I’ve seen cool DIY centerpieces made out of ostrich feathers and crystals that are fairly inexpensive compared to real flowers and have a huge “wow” factor…

    You could have your whole wedding party learn a dance like the dance from “dirty dancing” or “thriller” or something else totally embaressing but fun.

    Here’s what a crystal spray bouquet looks like…


    Ostrich centerpieces…



    Hope that helps a little or at least gets the ideas flowing. Congrats and good luck!!!

  2. datgrluluv says:

    I belong to a group for brides that want to be unique, you should check the site out( offbeatbrides.com). You can get some great ideas. Good luck.

  3. Bride of Jedi says:

    There are many things you can do. Someone suggested to me to try offbeatbride.com and it is a wonderful site. Something we are doing is adding Star Wars touches to our wedding reception. We are entering to “The Imperial March”.

  4. kriztinn17 says:

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