What are the numbers on the bottom of the fortune from fortune cookie for?

Question by abberzon: What are the numbers on the bottom of the fortune from fortune cookie for?
I had a fortune cookie for St. Patricks day, and across the bottom there are the numbers 12 22 26 32 45 51. What do they mean?

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Answer by laughhardlovemuch
They are the numbers you are supposed to use for the lottery!!

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  1. euzone_2000 says:

    Those are supposed to be your lucky numbers-You should play them in the lottery

  2. catkinso3201 says:

    They are your lucky numbers.

  3. arbiter says:

    Odd justaposition of erzatz Chinese food and other stuff.

    The numbers are for the lottery. You’re obviously too young to play.

  4. brok_n_spirit says:

    They are in case you wanna play the lottery

  5. n0h0pe says:

    They are supposed to be your lucky lottery numbers.

    Quick little factoid: the Chinese did not invent fortune cookies, American-Chinese did. Fortune cookies weren’t even available in China until 1982.

  6. frcrecon says:

    possible numbers to pick for lotto

  7. mushy13333 says:

    I think You Pick your lucky number out of em and if it is yours you get the fourtune.

  8. gigatali2000 says:

    those are your lucky numberds or lotto numbers

  9. redsoxfan says:

    They’re you lucky numbers.

  10. Ceilia Jones says:

    their lucky numers or lottery numbers.
    good luck

  11. weaverrichard says:

    the amount of times they were shut down by the health dept.

  12. queenie_kelcie says:

    supposedly they are your lucky numbers.

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