What are the best foods to take on a Valentine’s day picnic?

Question by : What are the best foods to take on a Valentine’s day picnic?
My boyfriend and I are going to watch the sunset and have a picnic for Valentine’s day. I do not know what food to make and the only suggestions I have found for food so far has been wine and cheese but we are both under the drinking age. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Answer by yahoo96
fiirst of all i have to say dats is the most adorable thing i have ever heard<33
so here is what i think:
strawberry and whipped cream
garlic bread?
haha just what seems romantic?

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  1. Allison P says:

    pasta and salad with cookies and milk for dessert.

  2. Chetak. says:

    I don’t think a picnic is a picnic without a slice of Bacon and Egg Pie, eaten hot, cold or warm with tomato sauce/ketchup (US).

  3. peanuthead says:

    Lots of different kinds of desserts!!

  4. Brooke says:

    sparkling grape juice! so good
    and i would just make sandwiches together to eat. simple & cheap & fun!
    for dessert you can splurge on a fancy, yummy cake or something at the store.
    dont forget a camera, napkins, and utensils of course!

    have fun :)

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