What are some yummy sugar free snacks without artificial sweeteners?

Question by Jessi.0 ❤ Mr. Alois: What are some yummy sugar free snacks without artificial sweeteners?
im trying to eat less sugar to be healthier (like cookies, candy, soda) and stuff like that. but i still get a little hungry between meals sometimes. so could anyone recommend some sugar free snacks that have no artificial sweeteners? preferably sweet ones….but anything is fine.

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Answer by city-girl
nature has provided lots of snacks that are healthy: carrots, celery, fruit of all kinds…you can buy them fresh and cut them up and put a variety into little ‘baggies’ and have them on hand to snack 5 times a day. Also, DRINK LOTS OF WATER to avoid cravings and help de-toxify your body of all the carbs from eating cookies and candy before. Your instincts are right: avoid at all costs anything with artifical sweeteners, but beware: some sweeteners although derived naturally are still bad for you. (Fructose)

If you crave sweet things, make a big drink of, maple syrup, lemon juice and water, with a dash of cayenne pepper. Drink it all day: it will de-toxify you and take away the cravings, you will look good and feel great!

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  1. La Vie Boheme says:

    Whole wheat crackers
    Baby carrots dipped in light ranch
    Sliced apple dipped in peanut butter
    No sugar added apple sauce
    canned fruit in pear juice (no sugar added)

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