What are some surprising foods that conatin meat in them?

Question by Zahara: What are some surprising foods that conatin meat in them?
I have been a vegetarian for 2 weeks now and I have found some surprising things that contain meat in them. What kinds of food contain any type of meat? Are there any chips, cookies, gum snacks, french fries or anything that contains meat?

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Answer by Arnold Shaver
Chili cheese fries have meat in them.

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  1. Sean says:

    certion types of cheeses have rennet in them

  2. Dorothy says:

    If you are in the US, McDonald’s fries contain “natural beef flavoring”. Any item that contains gelatin is not vegetarian. Gelatin is made of the bones and connective tissues of animals. Many candies and sweets contain gelatin, including marshmallows and MANY yogurts.

    Kraft macaroni and cheese uses animal derived rennet.

  3. K M T says:

    l know that cheese and onion crisps aren’t vegetarian, but roast chicken ones are.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Here are some surprising places I have found meat products while reading labels:

    Greek yogurt (some brands use gelatin)
    cottage cheese (again, some brands use gelatin)
    frosted mini-wheats cereal (gelatin)
    Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with sauce (some contain gelatin)
    marshmallows (gelatin)
    french fries, tater tots, other processed potato products (many contain beef tallow or flavorings)
    many hard cheeses (rennet – although if label indicates ‘vegetable rennet,’ it’s veg)
    many “gummi” products, many jelly beans (gelatin)
    Jello (gelatin – duh)
    pie crust (most contain lard)
    donuts (lard)
    Worcestershire sauce (anchovies)
    Guinness beers (contain fish-bladder extract)
    most white cane sugar (bone char)
    omega-3 enriched orange juice (some brands contain fish)
    some refried beans (lard)
    some dry-roasted peanuts (gelatin)
    some Baked Lay’s (chicken fat)

    Long story short: read labels, check restaurant ingredients online before visiting, ask your server questions

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