What are some small gifts I can give to 20 friends?

Question by Roxie: What are some small gifts I can give to 20 friends?
Should I bake cookies? Give a candy bar with a card? I am low on money.. We are 13 . I have been getting gifts from everyone, and I cant stand to give something back.

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Answer by LuckyT
mini cupcakes
thats what i did

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  1. Jenn says:

    Go to a drugstore, get goodie bags or mini stockings….stuff them with candies and write each persons name in glitter glue.

  2. The Triple A Threat :) says:

    You could give a candy cane with mini cards.
    Or you could give them all nail polish.
    Or something from the dollar section at Target.
    Or something at the Dollar Tree store.

    (I’m getting my BFFs lip glosses from Lip Smackers with nail polish, its relatively cheap. And my girl classmates like little things; a mini compact mirror; chap stick; nail polish.)

  3. trukri23 says:

    Baking is a great idea!!

  4. Amy says:

    Give greeting card along with chocolates
    Do take these money saving coupons with you that are offered for free by this website when going for shopping for your friends
    It is really helpful and it helped me saving the money this Christmas

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