What are some naturally gluten free foods?

Question by Droid S: What are some naturally gluten free foods?
I saw a package of cookies in the store saying they were gluten free?

Are foods naturally gluten free or do companies design them that way?

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Answer by Stephen C
Rice has no gluten. Go to an Asian grocery for rice cookies

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  1. Andromedan_Ambassador says:

    Gluten is the protein formed when you knead dough from wheat. Similar gliadin proteins exist in rye and barley with similar allergenic effects. Anything not made from members of the Tritiaceae is obviously gluten free.

  2. sailor says:

    Gluten free on the cookie package was indicating that there wasn’t any gluten from wheat, rye or barley in the cookies. Any food that doesn’t have wheat, rye or barley in it would be gluten free. For instance, all fresh fruits and vegetables are gluten free.
    However, in most sauces, soups, and food processing in general, some form of wheat, rye or barley is added or used to help with flavor, binding, setting or just bulk. So some companies have found ways to make products without those additives– hence gluten free on the package– so that people can find them and buy.

  3. Celtic Tejas says:

    I have Celiac Disease(Silly-Yak), a allergy to Gluten. Common gluten is in Grains Wheat, Rye, Barley, Spelt, Malt etc. There are Grains that do not have gluten like Rice, Quinoa, Corn, etc.
    The cookies you saw were made from a “flour” that was gluten free.
    There are tons of naturally Gluten Free foods, all Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Fish, Dairy, Eggs in their naturally state are 100% Gluten Free.
    The complication of eatting when you need to be GF is many of pre-pared/packed foods have gltuen. You just have to stop & think out a cooking process when you eat out. Example a soup may have a thickner or be started with a Roux”(usually wheat flour) so will make you ill. Same with Gravies, sauces of all kinds.
    Was this helpful or TMI? ;-}
    Slainté (to your health)

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