What are some dog cookies or food that has bone minerals in it?

Question by Sarah: What are some dog cookies or food that has bone minerals in it?
Okay so my dog has been eating dirt and i read that the dirt has bone minerals in it so can someone please tell me what are some food or any thing for DOGS that has bone minerals in it that they can eat or chew thank you. :D

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Answer by Patrice Verba
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  1. sisu says:

    Has the dog been seen by the vet?
    What are you feeding?
    Perhaps the dog has an infection causing inflamed lymph nodes, an irritated throat or upset stomach. If you do not have grass in your yard the dog may be eating dirt because it cannot get to grass which it would normally use to ease throat or stomach irritation.
    Feed the best food you can afford.
    How to Chose a Healthy Dog Food:
    Dog Food Reviews:
    Select a premium 5 or 6 star food.
    Nupro is a good supplement.

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