What are some cute items to put in a gift basket?

Question by Kelli P: What are some cute items to put in a gift basket?
I am having a baby shower, and I want to make a gift basket for my girlfriend who is planning it all for me. I want to spend about $ 50, what are some good ideas to put in the basket?

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Answer by Carrie
definitely make a homemade thank you card. another cute idea is giving her a gift card or a couple movie tickets as the big gift! fill the rest with candies and home made cookies or brownies with the recipe attached! Good luck!

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  1. thejanith says:

    What does she like?

    Is she a DVD person or a go-to-the-theater person? A new DVD or movie tickets (or a gift certificate for same) would be fun. If you go with the DVD, get popcorn, too.

    Is she a kitchen person? New pretty kitchen towels in her colors would be great. Kitchen towels are often one thing we need but never bother to buy. A favorite spice (or seeds to grow her own herbs for cooking) would be fun with them. Does she like nicer kitchen utensils? Get those instead of towels.

    Is she a day-spa person? Get the biggest gift certificate your $ 50.- will buy.

    Is she a bath person? Fancy bath salts and such would be nice.

    Does she have a favorite hobby? Stuff for that would be appreciated. Has she been talking about wanting to learn cake decorating or knitting or _________ing? Get her a gift certificate for the next class on that at the crafts supplies shop near you.

    The gift basket really has to be about her. Since I don’t know her, I can only generalize. I’m willing to help more, but will need more info. If this doesn’t give you enough to go on, please feel free to email me (click on my avatar for an email link) and give more details about your friend and what she likes. I’ll be able to make concrete suggestions if I have more info.

  2. Mitchell says:

    How about give the gift of Good Luck?
    Four Leaf Clover is the world most recognized good luck symbol.
    It is known to bring good lucks to those who bear this good luck charm.
    It’s unique and cheap ( under $ 20 ) … and the recipient will remember you for years to come.
    Best of all, it comes with his and her matching set. He / She will have something to remember you by
    all the time..


  3. Ruther says:

    Giving material gifts are cute and nice, but adding a little twist and a touch of surprise might hype the feeling of the receiver. An expedia coupon will do i guess of any category applicable. Your girlfriend would be very happy to receive such gift. You might wanna add up some material things but make sure that the material things would not come put as the main gift, so it will not defeat the purpose.

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