What are good fortune cookie sayings?

Question by lorna van F: What are good fortune cookie sayings?
I Don’t really know any.

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Answer by bootitgood
my favorite has always been ” you will die old and lonely in a retirement home”

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  1. Sofyiana Aria says:

    Real bravery is mastering the darkness within one’s own soul. Ok fine, I got that from a book hahah

  2. Tell Me No Lies. says:

    “dont cross the street…if you cant get out of the kitchen”

    not really a fortune cookie saying, its from a movie. The Boondock Saints. lol

  3. Jessica says:

    You can always find happiness at work on Friday

  4. Deidara says:

    I haven’t read any really good ones.

    But I’ve got one before that said and I qoute,

    “We have nothing to do with the missing pets.”

    Needless to say, I never ate there again. Feeding me frigging cats and dogs.

  5. Soccermagnetgirl says:

    I’m serious about this one. A few weeks ago my fortune cookie said “You’re pretty”

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