Wedding Cookies??!?!?!?

Question by bnschult10: Wedding Cookies??!?!?!?
Does anyone know a good website where I can purchase us wedsing cookies for a favor?!?!? I have found a bunch but they are outrageosuly priced $ 4 and upward a cookie. I would just make them, but we are having a destination wedding, and I won’t have an over, etc, and the supplies necessary to make them. If anyone knows of a place who has a decent deal on cookies I would be so appreciative! They don’t have to be wedding themed either, they can be beach themed as well! THANK YOU!
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Answer by Juliette
The cheapest place to find these would definitely be at a grocery store. Contact a local grocery store near your wedding destination. Most grocery stores will do custom orders for a very cheap price. I know that I, personally, had 4 dozen Christmas cookies made for a family Christmas party. They were about $ 5/dozen from a local grocery store. They were snowflake shaped sugar cookies with blue icing. Obviously, they had other styles, and they did custom orders. Call them up. Fax them what you are looking for. Hope that helps.

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  1. roxxn says:

    Though they’re not technically “wedding cookies” I think they’re fresh, better and tastier…

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies.

    You can get them in big tins and then just put them in separate boxes, etc..

    All the best and congrats :)

  2. amemahoney says:

    Most grocery stores or bakerys can deliver anywhere – just place the order and have them shipped to your destination. Or have someone pick them up locally, and mail them for you.

  3. brwneyes says:

    We are having our wedding favor cookies made by a local baker-we are also having a destination wedding. Why not pursue that option? Although we are paying $ 4 a cookie for themed cookies packages for us, we could have gotten them for like $ 2.50 each for individually wrapped cookies.

    I would ask on on the local wedding board for good local bakeries.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Personalized fortune cookies!

    Everyone is wishing you good fortune on your wedding, wish your guests good fortune as well!

    I think this would be a fun and inexpensive cookie that is extra personalized.

    The first website offers them dipped in chocolate and more. They are individually wrapped for around 2 dollars each.

  5. Future Mrs. Brown 8/2/08 says:

    you can get fortune cookies through oreintaltradingco. they are very inexpnsive and you can have them personalized (the message inside).

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