Wedding Cookies

Recipe visit: Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 6 large eggs 1/2 cup melted butter 1/4 cup warm milk 6 tsp. baking powder salt lemon extract…

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  1. Unpuntotiraglialtri says:

    I’m italian and in our wedding there isn’t any cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. geisenma says:

    Those cookies look awesome! Too bad I’m currently trying to cut back on cookies…

  3. roadking789 says:

    outstanding job Ms Italianio!!!

  4. jaywilton18 says:

    Oh wow! Special upload of an old performance? :P

  5. LadyYumYumShow says:

    Yes, she is a bubbly girl. She’s always there with a smile and is a great friend. A fun fact about Anita is that she used to be a very accomplished roller skater.

  6. LadyYumYumShow says:

    It’s fun to make a plate with several different colors. I’ve seen her do this and it’s really festive.

  7. jaywilton18 says:

    Wow, haha ^^ I can see that she’s your friend instantly! Smiley, and jumpy :D Love the intro; I remember you saying each guest you have one, you’ll change it :D Another great video!

  8. ThePeaceGoddess says:

    The cookies look real easy to make and fun to just dip into the frosting..anything
    that’s easy gets my attention!!! Enjoy you substituting, nice job.

  9. yaoifangirl2009 says:

    Oh okay, thank you Lady YumYum ^^

  10. LadyYumYumShow says:

    Me too!!! She is a great friend and such a fun person. I’m happy she is here to keep the show going while I pack up my entire life and ship it to Oregon.

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