We have fruit cakes and fruit cookies, Why don’t we have?

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by arghon

Question by paul: We have fruit cakes and fruit cookies, Why don’t we have?
vegetable cakes and vegetable cookies?

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Answer by Pfil
Because vegetables aren’t known for their amazing taste.

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  1. Susan S says:

    You could make pumpkin cake and pumpkin cookies.

  2. babybird says:

    what about carrot cake and zucchini bread!!!!

  3. c'est moi says:

    We do brenda, carrot cake, zucchini cake.
    Better luck next time with your question

  4. Sublimity86 says:

    We do… carrot cakes and cookies. Oh, pumpkin, too, which is related to squash. Common sense.

  5. www.hello_there says:

    cuz vegetables aren’t as sweet as fruit

  6. mr.JAW58 says:

    My Dr. told to eat more vegetable, I told him I eat carrot cake,
    he told that do not count
    will also have pop corn balls

  7. Kelly Bundy says:

    we have vegtable pies

  8. Petunia says:

    probably do


    HOW ABOUT A ………(smacks self in the head)…..V-8 ..!!!

  9. Pinky says:

    Coz that would taste awful!!

  10. Chewie says:

    What about carrot cake?

  11. ws348 says:

    Haven’t you ever heard of carrot cake & cookies, pumkin cake, cookies & bread? I’ve also seen recipes for tomato cake.

  12. JIMBO says:

    you’ve obviously never had zucchini bread.

  13. StarShine Girl says:

    We do have
    Carrot Cake/Bread
    Pumpkin Bread/Cookies
    Zucchini Bread/Cake
    Rhubarb/Strawberry Bread
    Cranberry Cookies/Bread
    Sweet Potato Bread

  14. AmusedOne says:

    Actually, we do…

    Ever hear of zuchinni bread? Carrot Cake?

    Whole foods cafe sells some amazing veggie based baked goods…


  15. kinda_naughty says:

    Same reason we don’t have meat cakes & meat cookies…they’d be kinda icky!!

  16. tenderthunder says:

    pumpkin cookies are good.

  17. The First Lady says:

    There are veggie cakes and cookies.
    In specialty restaurant and stores – of course the items are given crafty names to sound appealing. But what the ingredients are and you’ll find nothing but veggie items.

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