Victoria’s Secret Says Put Down the Holiday Cookies #TweetTap

Typhoon in the Philippines is the latest symptom of global warming. See for updates. Links: Snoop Lion–http://reincarnated.snooplion….

  1. Anna Anderson says:

    @trendhater73 agreed!

  2. Lunar Red Productions says:

    As much as I like the tweet tap itself, it’s the minute after the actual
    segment I look forward to.

  3. kmbaker492 says:

    That is a radical hoodie!!

  4. Charlotte Blocker says:

    They’re so funny holy crap

  5. Hungryhippocrite says:

    I love the editors for 3:20

  6. Droukemaa92 says:

    Victoria secret PINK doesn’t have the bra size 32DD discrimination right

  7. Amrita Ray says:

    On the debut Coffee Girl album, I’d love to see a collaboration with Snoop
    Lion. Unless of course Coffee Girl is somehow, magically, impossibly Meghan
    as is the dream. Then it wouldn’t be a debut album.

  8. Bunny With A Pancake On Its Head says:

    shit i was expecting you to troll with justin beiber cuzz i saw that cool
    thumbnail of this video…. damn , but was a cool vid anyway ,made me laugh

  9. stevicek says:

    coffee girl has got one of the most soothing voices i have ever heard… so
    BEAUTIFUL :) ) mike – you are fabulous but seriously: speak more, coffee

  10. wwCoffeeGirl says:

    I’m sorry in not Meghan. I really wish she was on the east coast. So sorry
    to disappoint.

  11. Jessica Lima says:

    The rule of threes applies to comedy too.

  12. Amrita Ray says:

    Coffee Girl, you never disappoint! This just means that yet another cool
    female person exists. I’m all for that.

  13. Anna Bunton says:

    Thick chick Victoria’s Secret haha

  14. VloggedLifeNina says:

    Mike, thank you for not knowing who Dina Manzo is. I wish I didn’t, but
    Bravo roped me into it.

  15. Milli says:

    Coffee Girl’s all know what I mean :D

  16. SamBamKablaam says:

    Coffee Girl- internet demigod.

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