Valentine’s Day Love Bug Cookies-with yoyomax12

These adorable love bug (ladybug) cookies start off as heart shaped sugar cookies! Valentine’s day playlist:…
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  1. Crazygirl8025 says:

    Have you ever done “flooding”? just wondering

  2. kadidia diakite says:

    i think you should check out a channel called SweetAmbsCookies and she is
    beyond awesome and how she dose her cookies are not quit how you do it but
    its more modern i really really recomend you chack out her videos thanks

  3. CookingAndCrafting says:

    The cut out cookie technique, as I have told you, is genius. I need to
    seriously get a large freezer so I can do that.
    These are too cute. The fact that they are not covered with royal icing
    but chocolate makes them all that much better. Nom. 

  4. ochikeron says:

    this is so cute!!! ladybird signifies love because there is such song in
    japan? is it the same over there?!

  5. BubblegumBeeAJ says:

    these are so adorable!!! and thank you for the tip about putting the cut
    cookies into the freezer to help them firm up, i never even thought about
    doing that!!

  6. Sinead Fay says:

    these are so cute omg :) 

  7. wildheart5 says:

    These lovebugs are just as cute as they can be! Easier to decorate than I
    thought, too! ;) 

  8. LouieBlueRaspberry says:

    Oh ehm gee you’re my favorite

  9. Rachel Harper says:

    Oh, *sorry for keep commenting* and why don’t the cookies spread very much,
    unlike others?!

  10. Gabrielle Rose says:

    Thank goodness these aren’t actually love Bug cookies! Those would be some
    funky cookies, little black orange headed pests… Ladybugs are much
    better! :D 

  11. Franchesca Santiago says:

    Please PLEASEEE make Tim Tams!:)<3

  12. yoyomax12 - the diet free zone says:

    These cookies are easy to do and the combination of candy melts and sugar
    cookies tastes good :) 

  13. amna thekatwa says:

    looks awesome!! <33

  14. Rachel Harper says:

    And, a future video suggestion, you could make a roll cake or a fondant
    (roses, animals etc) cake!

  15. nathasa bunthongwiangkul says:


  16. tinglesrosyrupeeland says:

    SOOOO cute!!

  17. Jenny Divalicous says:

    Can I use warmed soft Red frosting? I can’t find the red melts? Thanks

  18. Ninfa Fly says:

    Hi yoyomax12, I follow you from Italy, do you think I could also use brown
    chocolate and white chocolate with red colorant, for these cookies?

  19. Allthingsbeaauty says:

    I tried to make these and idk how you do it but yours look amazing and
    mine……. Well.. They aren’t

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