Valentine’s Day Jam-Filled Butter Cookies!

These cookies are soft and chewy with a jam-filled center. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day to share with a loved one or a friend. At the same time, they…

Jodie Fitz from the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and her helper, Jennifer, make Mini Valentine Bites for a no-bake, festive snack. It’s a great treat the …
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  1. oceanwaves310803 says:


  2. shnugglebunny says:

    The buttermilk helps give the cookies a tender texture and a little bit more flavour. However, you can use normal cow’s milk as well. Remember, you can always make your own buttermilk with vinegar as I mentioned in the video. Good luck! :)

  3. shnugglebunny says:

    Thanks for your compliment :) Let me know how it goes :D

  4. hannah abellana says:

    i like it. the direction is so simple. going to use this for our thera class. thank you so much.

  5. feenommcb says:


  6. aqsa398 says:

    do you have to use butter milk or can i just use normal cows milk :P

  7. Gybzy bunniez says:

    I Love this Thank you so much ;)

  8. emilyrules1001 says:

    @shnugglebunny thank you :)

  9. shnugglebunny says:

    It shouldn’t seep out. I found that by adding some icing sugar to the jam, the jam solidifies almost like a jelly if you let it sit for awhile (especially if you put it in the fridge or in a cold cellar). After that the jam stayed completely in place :)

  10. emilyrules1001 says:

    If I put them in a baggie do u think the jam will seep out or anything?

  11. dreamordelusion says:

    This is so cool! and easy too :) I would love it if you checked out my Valentine’s cake.. it’s easy to make too :)

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