Valentine’s Day heart cookies; European jam-filled shortbread cookies

RECIPE HERE: ————————– Hey everyone! So I decided to make a tutorial as …
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  1. Schneewittlein7 says:

    the original recipe, is wothout white chocolate and the dough has to be rolled out thinner. The spitzbuebe cookies will look much nicer!

  2. iheartcarlisle says:

    “they must be delicious because my doggy likes them and he doesn’t like anything that tastes bad.” lol. the cookies look SO good. I want some now. Maybe I’ll try them out.

  3. linamariax3ify says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too darling!!! <3

  4. Lucille Salzer says:

    Hi Lina :) That was a great recipe!!! Happy V Day to you!!!!! You’re so cute and sweet.
    Have a great day ok. Lv Lucille

  5. linamariax3ify says:

    haha that’s so weird LOL! you should definitely make them though, they taste so good. took me like all day though because of the chilling the dough, and forgetting to buy things at the grocery store… maybe it’ll only take you a few hours!

  6. PaperPastels says:

    OMG I bought the materials to make this SAME exact cookies. awkward. haha. I love these cookies!

  7. linamariax3ify says:

    they are delish!

  8. linamariax3ify says:

    @diamonds1997 That is actually very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

  9. diamonds1997 says:

    In europe we call them jammy dodgers.

  10. linamariax3ify says:

    stop by the dollar store!!

  11. linamariax3ify says:

    yeah i think it would…. the chocolate is just an added bonus, you don’t necessarily NEED it

  12. Alli K says:

    would milk chocolate work aswell?(:

  13. Laura Restrepo says:

    omg! i want those glasses! thaey are so cute and funny xD!

  14. linamariax3ify says:

    i did use a cheese grater…… or at least that’s what my mom uses it for….. haha

  15. Sarah Henson says:

    I grate chocolate with a cheese grater, works just as well. These look amazing!

  16. linamariax3ify says:

    @kta277 It doesn’t just look yummy, it tastes yummy too!!! :D

  17. kta277 says:

    that looks yummy!! i’ll try this recipe for valentines day :D

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