Valentine Heart – Cream Cheese Cookies

How to make your own Valentine Heart cookies, just like the ones you buy in a tube from Pillsbury at the grocery store! Although I’m sure there is a tutorial out there somewhere on how to make these, I did figure out this method myself. I saw a program where they made hard candies with designs in the middle and they used this similar method. I made these cookies quite large and would probably scale it down the next time to get more cookies. This made about 18-3″ diameter cookies. You can use any cookie dough recipe that is labelled “refrigerator or icebox” or that in the instructions you must roll, refrigerate and slice prior to baking. The following dough makes a nice, tender, not overwhelmingly sweet cookie. The dough is sticky and need to be chilled to work with. 1/2 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup shortening 1- 3 oz package cream cheese softened 2/3 cup sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 egg 1/2 tsp almond extract (or vanilla extract or any other extract you want to try) 2 cups all purpose flour Combine butter, shortening and cream cheese in a large bowl, beat together until smooth. Add sugar and salt. Beat until combined. Beat in egg and almond extract until combined and gradually add the flour beating until combined. Break off about one third of the dough and add enough red food colour to make a nice dark shade of pink. Wrap the dough in parchment or waxed paper and freeze for 30-45 minutes or chill in fridge for 2 hours (to make the dough easier to work with) Wrap and chill the

Marbled Valentine’s Heart Cookies – A fun and simple way to decorate your cookies with royal icing! Find more tutorials on marbling and decorating cookies on my blog, Sweetopia.
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  1. Julia Rogova says:

    Hey where is the facts in the song??? LOL

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  6. Brenda Ortega says:

    how many cookies did you made with this recepie?

  7. rockseriify says:

    How long can it last in the fridge before I use it?

  8. Izzie Depp says:

    Do you think, that if one just wanted the heart not the outer cookie one could just make some logs into heart form?

  9. Asia Nguyen says:

    Can in use ur no spread cookie dough

  10. wizzyeddie81 says:

    I have tht cuttin board

  11. WoodenRoller says:

    so pretty!!

  12. mypeople33 says:

    I am french n i realize pastries and i want ur opinion plz!!
    I can be a challenge so do not hesitate!
    my blog :
    Thx for watching!

  13. shellyyux3 says:

    my dough came out sticky and soft even after i freezed it

  14. watzittoya437501 says:

    I’m going to make these with my little brother and sister for valentines day!!! So excited

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  16. Michele southgate says:

    Love love your your vids …just spent two hours watching lol lol :) . But did I read correctly…no more videos for a couple months? :( .

  17. sweetopiautube says:

    Thanks @reenie38 !

  18. sweetopiautube says:

    Hi @lymorale I have a post on preventing bleeding icing on my blog. Check the decorated cookie tutorial section.

  19. sweetopiautube says:

    It’s on my blog in the recipe section.

  20. sweetopiautube says:

    Thanks @Marizza Fouts!

  21. foozy21 says:

    Love ur work !!!

  22. mfcraftful says:

    Thanks! Great video, hopefully I will get a chance to try these on the weekend!

  23. Marizza Fouts says:

    My doctor ordered cookies for Valentine’s Day to give out to his nurses. He delivered them today and they were a hit. I used your marbled technique mixed with mine. I wish I could show you a pic. =) Thanks so much for your clear and concise tutorials. Please make more.

  24. heba2202 says:

    Where can i get this royal icing recipe?

  25. heba2202 says:

    Sooooo cute. Well done

  26. reenie38 says:

    I love your work and you sound serene so makes it lovely to watch

  27. lymorale says:

    How do you prevent bleeding when you use two or more color’s when marbling or flooding with royal icing?

  28. cuteeverything says:

    TYVM! Love your vids so I can see the process so well, I like to learn visually, so it works great for me.

  29. sweetopiautube says:

    Thanks @heleee86 for noticing. ;-)  And for leaving me a comment. xo

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    Thanks @SessyLady84 ! xo

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    @Anne Nelson Thanks for commenting!

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    Yes, @Marizza Fouts , I did.

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    Thanks so much @cuteeverything ! I tweeted your post.

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    Hee hee, I know, too long! Thanks for visiting me here. xo

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    Happy Valentine’s to you, @Rowaidafl !

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    Thanks, @mrsdarthstefeny It has been too long! Hope to make more videos soon (way sooner than the time period between these last two. ;-)

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