Unfortunate Fortune Cookies with hilarious prank sayings

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  1. applejacks101890 says:

    They don’t make it, they just sell it.

  2. MrGrubee48cc says:


  3. Backon Lazer says:

    That stopped being funny a while ago.

  4. Ramstaandy says:

    How about:
    “Help me, I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory.”

  5. doodoodudex says:

    Hello there, sir!

  6. TNTsplody says:

    one should say we just pissed in your drink

  7. Brian Lingard says:

    “You just broke me in half and ripped out my insides, but that’s okay because you’re next.”

  8. Yolo Rite says:

    But the manufacturer discontinues the coolest things! 3:<

  9. Rataphorm says:

    They don’t make the products, just sell them.

  10. Ali Shapiro says:

    make a giant marsgmallow!

  11. theCguy64 says:

    “You will have a permanent migraine in the afterlife.”

  12. randompanda876 says:

    can you get a baliyo balisong fisher space pen?

  13. 007DuyTran says:

    At the first scene with two actors eating. The woman on the left looks like my teacher

  14. Jomar Jones says:


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