Ultimate Mexican Cookie Cake (Paula Deen real Women of Philly Contest)

This is my entry for the real women of Philly Contest. Wish me luck amigos!

  1. nnjddr says:

    Are those galletas marias?

  2. glorimar083 says:

    She said 2 hours (at least)
    Congratulations!! You’re awesome, I’ll try some of your recipes; definitely!! Good luck!

  3. lataniiadm says:

    but you didnt say for how long we have to put the cake in the refrigerator for? I want to do this recipe! can someone tell me how long to put it in for?

  4. mrluke13 says:

    you need your own show!!!

  5. diazbenmichelle says:

    You r awsome..u remind me off my wife… U make the best breads..also keep up the gud work

  6. msfloweryang says:

    Out of all your videos, I hated this one the most. You just didn’t seem like yourself. It’s like you were being too fake or trying too hard.

  7. abuelita23xxx says:

    My husband was reared on galletas Marias con pocito cafe dulce con leche. Mis hijos tambienl. Nosotros nietos, tambien!! Our Nena eats almost nothing but Galletas Marias. As she loves snosberries, kiwi, and Clementines, this will make a perfect brunch for her. Maybe her brothers will like it as well. I know Abuelito will !!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. albert22022000 says:

    Loooooooooks delicious, but to be honest – a Dog will eat anything even their own poop!!!!!!!!! – so not really good as an add to use a dog!

  9. latinpitufo says:

    omg what a goooooooooooood video…..good quality….what camara do u used? Thats a nice yummy cake. In Sonora we call that cake “pastel helado” o “pastel de limon” we use Galletas Marias from Gamesa hehehehe take care

  10. chavitavb says:

    WOAH! I felt like I was in your kitchen with HD. Good Job :) Love the recipe!

  11. daddy567888 says:

    hello what happen to more videos of your good food. I miss watching you wera.

  12. Bakinlover says:

    I love your videos, do you happen to know how to make coconut empanadas?

  13. Shooter412 says:

    favorite part: “I’m married to a MEXICAN” i honestly LOL’d

  14. MsCtap says:

    That looks great. Tina you’re a beautiful woman you don’t need botox. It is very noticeable and it does nothing for your natural features. I say that as a fan.

  15. askingfi says:

    omg!! it looks delicioso! and you’re doggy is soo adorable.. im gonna try to make it! thanks!!

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