Triple Chocolate Cookies – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 268

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  1. TheUnicornSwaggie says:

    They did stay soft after they cooled, and they stay chewy for a couple of days too :) but i didn’t coat them with sugar! i just left it :)

  2. cascada00325 says:

    The Video is called 

  3. Vanessa24198 says:

    jr so cute

  4. roxy815 says:

    Ok you guys dont have to use regular sugar you can use iceing sugar works MUCH better!:)

  5. rachael012321 says:

    did they stay soft after they had completely cooled?

  6. rachael012321 says:

    do these stay soft even when cooled?

  7. TheUnicornSwaggie says:

    I made these and it tastes amazing! you guys should try it :)

  8. Jamit22345 says:

    maybe you added to much sugar…

  9. mariah ortiz says:

    Gonna make these, put them in little bags with ribbons like you said, and give them to my crush! Lol Thanks for the recipe!

  10. greenANDpurple0708 says:

    i made these, and there deliciousss! but personally, i liked them better when they’re not coated in sugar, the cookie is even softer!

  11. icelovesodana says:

    @ tyjhgy2 i don’t agree

  12. 7019amber says:

    omg she has alot of good ways to make all these yummy foods and omg they is good when i look at her foods i be drueling her food look good lol enough chitter chat ima get some ingredients and make some her her famous desserts lol

  13. KoalaAngie11 says:

    I think shes married already. lol

  14. tyjhgy2 says:

    She has the best
    She has Amazing
    She has Great
    Hair Styles!
    Who Agrees?

  15. nurbaini14 says:

    Are these chewy?

  16. 123loulou456 says:

    i jst noticed something. is it jst me, or the majority of times when she bakes cookies or something. the portion mostly always makes 11, not less or more ? LOL

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