TOMICA Thomas & Friends: Gordon Goes Foreign

When Gordon has a disagreement with an engine from the Other Railway over what the station in London is called, he becomes determined to go there to see for …

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  1. EntertainDrThomas says:

    I was going to do a series just like this but i guess now i cant. People
    will say i copied you. Oh well.

  2. BaconStar101 says:

    How Do You Make These Videos

  3. Trevor Zhang says:

    ironic since spencer’s class the a4 would allocated to king’s cross due to
    his origins being on the LNER

  4. The Doctor of Gaming 64 says:

    oh you have the main series

  5. Zakintosh01 says:

    Please subscribe to me! I post a funny Thomas Parody show of my own so

  6. ThomasTankCollectables says:

    That was brilliant! I love your set and the shot of the station starting at
    1:43 was really good, it created the feeling that there was something
    exciting beyond the station. Excellent remake. Sorry for being late in
    watching, my speakers have been ‘awaiting repair’!

  7. DieselD199 says:


  8. N05L31 says:

    That doesn’t answer my question, but still thanks for the info.

  9. DieselD199 says:

    Certainly I could’ve added in jokes, but I thought you guys might like a
    nice change. More shorts on the way though! Thanks for watching!

  10. DieselD199 says:

    This is done by taking a screenshot of the video, editing the faces in
    Photoshop and then applying the redone faces in Premiere. Thanks for

  11. DieselD199 says:

    I’ll try to! Super Rescue would be difficult as I’d have to make custom
    models for that, but we’ll see! Thanks for watching!

  12. ChimpManZ1264 says:

    Any chance you’ll make an Episode 31 to your gag series? I think they’re
    really funny and just hope they get another season in the future.

  13. DieselD199 says:

    Ah true that! Nothing gets passed you guys! Thanks for watching!

  14. DieselD199 says:

    Indeed it is, I’m always working on it, trying to make it better. Thanks
    for watching!

  15. VPT2 says:

    I just found your videos yesterday and watched all of them, I must say, i’m
    very very impressed with not only with the stories but the incredibly great
    facial animation and changing that rivals even the shows animation now even
    if these ones are just toys, its amazing, please keep up the great work and
    great comedy as well.

  16. The guy on your right says:

    I see.

  17. DieselD199 says:

    Me too, has taken me ages to get around to it though! Thanks for watching!

  18. DieselD199 says:

    I tend to think of it as part of a separate, yet parallel series, where
    stories never adapted to television are adapted for YouTube. Thanks for

  19. DieselD199 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching!

  20. DieselD199 says:

    I have a compilation book of all of the stories written by the Rev. W.
    Awdry (Christopher’s stories weren’t included, got to get around to buying

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