The Perfect Cookie Press Review

The Perfect Cookie Press Review at StarReviews

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  1. TheChosenOne1997 says:

    1:25 in the right corner :P thees the dog again

  2. 5m3xybabi says:

    the infomercial does not say spritz cookie dough so relax guys its suppose to work with all cookie dough

  3. jcl4k3 says:

    If you google “spritz cookies” you’ll find a number of hits that show what the result is supposed to look like. You only get that result if you use both a cookie press and spritz dough–you have to use both, you can’t get that result with just one or the other. You don’t buy spritz dough in a roll at the store, you make it–it takes maybe five minutes.

  4. juleejulee says:

    VEEEEEeeeeery UNconvincing

  5. CheesyYellowCrumbles says:

    If we used sprits cookie dough then what’s the point of buying it if it doens’t ork for all fo the other cookie doughs

  6. rosecoloreddeath says:

    Im sure it would work right if you used “sprits” cookie dough not pilsbury sugar cookie dough.. Silly.

  7. limesrock says:

    The one product that he gives less than six stars.

  8. AnglSummer4 says:

    1:25 Is that a dog over on the right side of the table?

  9. ThorMaxx says:

    cookie presses suck.

  10. oddsource says:

    You let the dogs out…

  11. ohmygosh1614 says:

    yeah you needed to use spritz cookie dough, it does not spread like normal dough.

  12. AtticusDoodlePoo says:

    Well yea you are using the wrong dough! Store bought dough spreads out when it bakes so of course it is going to lose it’s shape, you need to use Spritz cookie dough.

  13. rsmv4squirrels says:

    Looks like a penis pump.

  14. urepkingtarg1 says:

    my mom gave this to my grandma and we never saw it again!


    this is one of the many products that i don’t see on my television.

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