The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe Ever?

Question by Aussie Lover: The Best Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe Ever?
I am going to be making a football cookie bouquet for a friend, and I found an amazing recipe, but I need frosting. Does anyone know of an amazing sugar cookie frosting recipe? I’d like one that is smooth looking and easy to decorate. I’d prefer it to be a five star recipe that you’ve tried, thanks!

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Answer by Emu
I used to work in a “Cookie Bouquet” shop and I have a recipe for the icing they used. It is a really good icing which dries hard enough that you can stack the cookies or wrap them…yet it stays soft enough you can easily eat the icing with the cookie. The taste of the icing is great and it is easy to work with.
3 egg whites, at room temp. (pasteurized) or 3Tbs. meringue powder + 6 Tbs. water
Whip 2 min., fast speed or until stiff.
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1 tsp. vanilla
1 lb. powdered sugar (1 box)
2 TBS. Crisco
Mix on low speed until smooth.
(if you want to make a glaze from this, just add a little hot water.)
This is a link to some cookies which I decorated, using this recipe for the icing:

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