The Best Homemade Dog Treats Around

FaveHealthyRecipes takes a trip to the local farmer’s market, where we’re talking all about treats for man’s best friend! Tamara Lundgren of Daisy’s Delights…
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Topher, the dog, likes cookies and lets everyone know it!

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  1. Amy Marie says:

    I did enjoy this video. I also followed the link to your web page. I wanted to tell you as soon as I saw the page, that u have a great product that is not showing well. Unfortunately, most customers will not see past this. It is digital, and hard to judge by anything other then the web site…. I am only recommending that you use a different web page builder or have someone make something that features the treats… N e way, I think u have a good product…Good luck.

  2. Red Rover says:

    With the addition of eggs and buttermilk, these are NOT healthy treats. Eggs are not well tolerated in the digestive tract of animals and leave them prone to gas. Eggs also can lead to food allergies. Naysayer say that eggs produce a shiny coat; shiny coats from from regular brushing and feeding a dog fish or fish oil capsules. Also, animals do not digest lactose efficienty; use goats milk (virtually lactose free) or a lactose-free drink.

    ABC’s of treats: Apple slices, Bananas, and Carrots!

  3. Earl E Karweick says:

    I have dog treats and they are very very HARD. They are about 6 to 7 inc. long with a red stripe inside them. What can I do to soften them? My dog is small, about 20 lbs. Its just to hard to chew.

  4. Peace,Love,and Kawaii. says:

    Awesome! This video inspired me so much!Now I’m going to sell dog treats to raise money for Castoff Pet Rescue Center. Yay!!! :D

  5. Mark Roland Pascual says:

    how much does it cost to deliver in the Philippines? :D

  6. Alex Pinedo says:

    I love daisys delights !!!

  7. latosa18 says:

    Do you give free samples?

  8. georgeastra says:

    532 videos blind?

  9. Bri Carmichael says:

    shes not going to give out the recipe because then no one would buy hr treats and she wouldnt make any money. Thats like saying why would i buy her treats for ex $10 when i can make them at home for $2

  10. Hana Kim says:

    recipe? shop?

  11. MrBobbrox says:

    is there any way that I would be able to get the recipe?

  12. luutai says:

    Where can I get the recipes for the cookies ?

  13. rstrawsb says:


  14. styleken says:

    Where can I get recipes for her cookies?

  15. Thily1234 says:

    i want to learn how to make these

  16. Amelia102938 says:

    Good! (for the dog) :D I’d get them If I had a dg?

  17. mayu12627 says:


  18. LayneEndsMergeLeft says:

    Um, yea, I did know that, actually. Because, you know, well, me typing it and all, I kind of knew what I was typing. Did you notice where I put in quotations because I knew that ignoramuses like you would point it out. :::smh:::

  19. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    Hahah you said anal

  20. smileeetodayyy says:

    can you please tell me his dog breed? :)

  21. DragonPhoeniX says:

    that looks like chocolate i really hope it isn’t

  22. MrMarzixx says:


  23. PravEffect1 says:


  24. L Kur says:

    Собакам нельзя шоколадное,Я ХОЧУ ПЕЧЕНЬКУ)))

  25. Atlasjr11 says:

    I suddenly would like to have a cookie now.

  26. loppan88888 says:

    Omg! Soo cuute!!!!!!

  27. Tom Edwards says:

    Oh, good grief. It isn’t really a “cookie” — that is what dog owners call dog treats. 

  28. Sao Feng says:

    WHAT THE OWNER IS THINKING:Owwwnnn,i love you!!*_*,who is a good boy?? who is good boy??? WHAT THE DOG IS THINKING:Bitch,just give the fucking cookie or i am gonna kill you while you are sleeping.

  29. deanygirl1234 says:

    Everyone stop talking about how it’s chocolate!

  30. Picuco09 says:

    haha that is so cute! check out the video Dog Hamlet, got referred, really cute! Id for that one is: 0Z6o7vwkpaw

  31. SusheeLiz says:

    Hope this cookie is not flavoured chocolate …
    Chocolate is poison for dogs

  32. LayneEndsMergeLeft says:

    oh my god, people. Way to just drain the fun out of a cute video. You deserve that cookie for being too realistic and boring. Quit being “anal” about it and enjoy the really cute doggie.

  33. LayneEndsMergeLeft says:

    sooooooo friggin adorable =)

  34. MegaSpigo says:

    very funny video…:)

  35. hectorbector11 says:

    I’m fairly sure that isn’t chocolate, but even if it was the cocoa is what is harmful. Milk chocolate has such a small amount of cocoa the dog would be fine even if he ate a whole bar. Not that I’m suggesting it of course, you should never give a dog chocolate.

  36. Golgor says:

    A pet eating chocolate can easily be poisoned by Theobromin. It is poisonous for humans too, but we metabolize it fast enough so we can eat quite a bit of chocolate before it happens. Not the case for dogs etc though.

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