Thanksgiving Cute Cookie ideas?

Question by MsBabyPhat: Thanksgiving Cute Cookie ideas?
I have a few cookie/cupcakes recipes for thanksgiving. For eaxmple, I have a very cute cookie recipe for a turkey cookie…..any ideas or websites, that have cute cookie or cupcake or even cake ideas for holidays for kids.

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Answer by katinthehatcomesback
Make cupcakes with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting.
On one half of the rim of the cupcake use candy corn around the edge like turkey feathers. Then on the other side draw a turkey face with yellow and red frosting in a little tube.

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  1. weasered says:

    make em look like little pies or pilgrim hats. look up things from the natives that lived up in the north east that helped the pilgrims, drums or whatever. little faces.

  2. Lily_of_the_Valley_May_Flower says:

    Pumpkinand sugar flavored cookies and shapes….little pilgrims,leaves and Horns of Plenty and Turkeys and you could by magazines such as Good House Keeping and Womans World for Idea,s

  3. ♥Cutie226♥ says:

    These are really cute & look very easy to make. They are slice & bake sugar cookies that look like turkeys with candy corn & icing. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

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