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Japanese words that ryhme with Cookie ! :D?

Question by Emalee. :D : Japanese words that ryhme with Cookie ! :D ?
Heey :D
I’m trying to think of Japanese words that ryhme with cookie !
For a title for my doujinshi [:
________ Cookie !
Please try to think of cute words !
And tell me what they mean,
Thanks ! ! ! :D

Best answer:

Answer by Lia
Mabayui 眩い = Cute
Uruwashii 麗しい = Beautiful
Airashii 愛らしい = Pretty
Kirei = 奇麗 Beautiful
And the obvious annoying one, Kawaii 可愛い = Cute (I don’t even think this word is Japanese anymore.. it’s Wapanese).

I saw the word cute and thought.. damn XD
I can’t think of anymore. I think my brain just died. D: I’ll edit if I think of some more..

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