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Q&A: What would you like your woman to cook you for a romantic dinner?

Question by Trippy1: What would you like your woman to cook you for a romantic dinner?
I have met a fantastic guy right before Christmas and one of the things we like about each other is we both love to cook. Tonight he is coming over for dinner and I am figuring out what to make. I asked him if he has any ideas but he is working today and couldn’t put much thought into it. So far I have made him 5 cheese baked ziti in vodka sauce with garlic bread and Christmas cookies for dessert (he made the meat balls),pot roast and sourdough bread with cheesecake (pot roast takes too long to make so he couldn’t contribute to that, showed him how to make cheesecake), marinated and grilled garlic lamb with rye beer bread and cookies for dessert (he did the grilling, you need that Y chromosome to really be good at grilling), grilled marinated chicken leg quarters with sourdough bread (again him with the grilling) but I don’t remember the dessert. Tonight I will serve cider beer cupcakes which I already made, rye beer bread made with Guinness (his favorite beer) but I can’t think of what we can make for the entree. I have salmon fillets in the freezer but that may not work well with the rye bread. I also have 5 fresh mangos. So, any suggestions? I should mention I always make my own bread from scratch. Since He has never baked I am going to make 2 more loaves of rye Guinness beer bread while he is here to show him how its done. Any input from men or women is appreciated I can run to the store and buy any meat and veg so it doesn’t have to be salmon and mangos. P.s. I am cross categorizing this in “romance and dating” to get different input.
Jenny P great idea, the corned beef would go well with the Guinness beer bread! Even a brisket would go well with it.
Nikki- fantastic idea, especially about the vegtables in soup.
Thanks again ladies. They didn’t have corned beef brisket at the store yet, and the pork roast didn’t look so good so I got a regular beef brisket and I am going to make this recipe.http://www.themeaningofpie.com/2010/05/brisket/
Again thanks a million and I will be using your suggestions in the future.

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Answer by JennyP
I don’t associate salmon and the delicateness of its flavor with rye or beer. Have you considered a corned beef brisket and vegetables? I know its not st. Patricks Day yet, but I think you could pull it off. Or. perhaps a hearty stew of some kind might be something you would enjoy. Serve it with dumplings or over noodle in a pudding or even a fruit salad with a lemon cream.s or mashed potatos. You can use your mangos

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Are there any folklore about a woman or man that gives candy, and sweets to children?

Question by Breanna: Are there any folklore about a woman or man that gives candy, and sweets to children?
I know about La Befana, the Italian folklore of Santa but are there any others? It doesn’t have to be a European folklore. I’d take African, Indian, or whatever folklore that deals with a person giving children sweets like cookies, cakes, and ice cream and all that.
Okay I’m talking about FOLKLORE. Not fairy tales. No Grimm. No Hans Christian Anderson tales. No Hansel and Gretel. I’m talking about GOOD folklore where there is a creature or magical being that gives children candy and sweets out of the kindness of his or her’s heart. Like Santa Claus. Easter Bunny. The Stork. Cupid. Father Time. All folklore creatures that HELP people not torture them.

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Answer by James DiGriz RiP
Read Grimms

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