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Welcome Baskets?

Question by just me: Welcome Baskets?
What are some things you can put in a welcome basket in the hotel rooms for out of town guests. I figured water and maybe some ideas of what to do in the area. Any other ideas?
These are great ideas! Thanks!!
You guys are great! I wouldn’t have thought of these! Shampoo is a good idea…my sister is a hairdresser so I can have her get some nice stuff(but discounted haha)

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Answer by kateqd30
We were given guides to the town with local attractions (you can get these are your local chmaber of commerce) a really nice note of thanks for joining them on their special day. Detailed directions to every place we had to be with maps. A bag of nuts, chips and cookies 2 cans of iced tea. And because we had our duaghter with us they added some coloring books and crayons along with a few small juiceboxes and bags of pretzels for her.

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What should I put in a welcome basket?

Question by Becca R: What should I put in a welcome basket?
I am allowing a foreign student (from Germany) to stay with me while she is on internship. I want to make a nice little welcome basket for her. I’m working on a poor college student’s budget. What suggestions do you have?

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Answer by ♥RagDoll♥
Baking is always a very nice gesture.

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Food Wishes Recipes – Amena’s Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies – Welcome to the Summer of Amena!

This recipe was chosen by Food Wishes nation in our “Summer of You” contest to celebrate the launch of YouTube’s moderator feature. Check foodwishes.blogspot.com for ingredients and details! Congrats Amena!!

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