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What’s your favorite Halloween tradition/custom?

Question by Mr. Blacks: What’s your favorite Halloween tradition/custom?
Also are there certain kinds of treats you like to prepare? I’m trying to think of some good ideas, besides just plain old Halloween cookies.

Best answer:

Answer by swordgunscots
take cookie dough and wrap in around a reeses mini, or a gob of peanut butter. bake to package directions. I make bbq for h-day dinner.
rock candy is peferct if its green, hand it out dressed as these—

tin man, need silver spray paint, cardboard ( coke cartons are ok), funnel (dollar store), grey face paint. put on grey sweats, cut and spray paint cardboard cuttings, make arm bands, thigh covers, etc. The film version was made of 40 pounds of aluminum.

scarecrow- blue work shirt jeans, cowboot boots, gloves, rope. fold the shirt over each side like a bathrobe. secure with a rope belt. fold the jean legs up to mid calf, and lay over boot tops. In the books scarecrow wore only blue. buy a wire brim witch hat (dollar store), fold in the top of the cone, and fold up the brim. put a bit of brown on the nose, and shredded newspaper for straw. You will require a brain. Study ray bolger’s work, and movements.
…. and when the parties over, scarecrow.. (sob) i’ll miss you most of all.

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