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Q&A: What does an Italian SugarCookie drink consist of?

Question by Sandra J: What does an Italian SugarCookie drink consist of?
I had an Italian Sugar Cookie drink at the Old Spaghetti Factory. i know it included Baileys, Vanilla vodka, and other things. Does anyone have this recipe or one similar and as tasty? Thanks!!

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Answer by Dawn
I looked on almost every drink recipe site imaginable, and none of them had a recipe for this drink, so I am going to take a shot at it, and forgive me if it isn’t right.
1 oz Bailey’s
1 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Galliano (almost every drink recipe with Italian in the title has this in it. If this doesn’t taste right try Frangelico)
This is where I get confused, because you didn’t mention if it was a cream drink, a blender drink, or an ice cream drink, so… Add ice cubes and blend for blended, add ice cream and blend for ice cream, or add ice cubes and cream for cream drinks.
Other ingredients could be kahlua(coffee flavored), white or dark cacao cream(chocolate flavored), vanilla schnapps, grand marnier(orange flavored), really, a thousand other things.
My best advise is to go back to the old spaghetti factory and order the same drink and watch them make it, and then ask what the ingredients are, and right them down. I am sure the bartender would be more then willing to help you out, especially for a nice tip! (I would!)

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