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St.Patrick’s day and Leprechaun ideas!?

Question by Wolfers, Champlain, Lil’ Fella: St.Patrick’s day and Leprechaun ideas!?
What do YOU do on St.Patrick’s day? What would be good breakfast and lunch ideas to celebrate ( picky kid friendly)? What are some good clues and hiding places for the goodies? How do I make it look like there really was a leprechaun here? Thanks!!!!!!

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Answer by Life Created God
Use green water clean up green paint and baby shoe to make tiny foot prints on tile floor. Use paint lightly for easier clean up.

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Jumbo Shamrock Sugar Cookies – St.Patrick’s Day – Video Recipe

Happy St.Patrick’s Day ! Let’s make some of my yummy JUMBO shamrock sugar cookies ! Easy to do, and yummy to eat ! I’ll be using Wilton’s sugar cookie recipe…

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St.Patrick’s Day Designs for Cookies

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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