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St. Patty’s Day themed Romance party?

Question by : St. Patty’s Day themed Romance party?
I’m having a St. Patty’s Day themed romance party (sex toys and novelties). Does anyone have any fun ideas for food or drinks or anything like that that would be fun and go with the theme? Mild and wild ideas are good!!! Thanks!!!

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Answer by Sassy
This sounds like a great idea, I would go to a bakery and have a cake made with a picture of a sheela na gig on it. Sheela na gigs are traditional Irish carving of a woman with her vulva exposed. These are great fun and you can get some great pictures of them online.
Another thing you can do is have green jello shots. They are easy to make and you can use whiskey in them.
Of course you can do the standard stuff like chips and dips, or a penis shaped cake.

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